February 4, 2010
The Wrap gets Punked by Frank Luntz and Tries to Pretend it’s Not a Story.

The actual post I published at the local blog LA Observed. Go see it: The Wrap gets punk’d. But LA Observed doesn’t have comments, so I am opening this space to field those.

….Based on what I know The Wrap thinks there’s no story in Luntz’s return to politics one month after quitting politics for Hollywood, and no reason to do a follow-up, even though it appears that The Wrap was used to get Luntz’s Hollywood career off the ground.

I think this is bad practice. For if the exclusive story of Frank Luntz quitting politics for Hollywood was big news in The Wrap by what logic is it not news when this move turns out to be a fake? Or let’s take the most charitable reading— implausible but not impossible. Luntz intended to quit, but he found it rough going in Hollywood, so he had to go back to politics, even though his changed heart wasn’t in it any more. How is that not a story The Wrap should jump on? It’s squarely within the site’s beat. And it’s connected to an earlier story The Wrap did. Journalism 101! But not for Waxman, who thinks she doesn’t even have to address it.

And what’s with broadcasting one way on Twitter— a sound practice? I say no.

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